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12.18.2014 4:00 AM

C2 Daily Grind


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12.17.2014 9:00 PM

The Official C2 Late Night Chill Thread

Chocolate Hills in the Phillipines. Taken by Anwar Nillufary [800x564]

Chocolate Hills in the Phillipines
Taken by Anwar Nillufary


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12.17.2014 4:00 AM

C2 Daily Grind


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C2 Daily Grind


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12.15.2014 4:00 AM

C2 Monday Morning News


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12.14.2014 9:00 PM

The Official C2 Late Night Chill Thread

So long and thanks for all the fish.


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12.14.2014 4:00 AM

C2 Above the Fold

Senate Passes $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill, Joining House

WASHINGTON — After moments of high drama, dry process and acrimony, the Senate passed a sweeping $1.1 trillion spending package Saturday night, abruptly ending several days of chaotic legislative maneuvers and clearing the bill for President Obama to sign.

The legislation, which will fund most of the government through the fiscal year that ends in September, passed in a bipartisan vote, 56 to 40 — a turbulent, fitting coda for a governing body that has often failed to govern.

The vote concluded a long day of brinkmanship, spurred by a legislative challenge to Mr. Obama’s executive action on immigration by Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, who forced the Senate into a weekend session. By the end of the day, Mr. Cruz found himself isolated even from members of his own party.

Why nanny statists hate the Fourth Amendment

California Attorney General Kamala Harris weighed in on the wrong side in this year’s unanimous Supreme Court decision that the Fourth Amendment prohibits warrantless searches of cell phones by police.

Nanny statist Ms. Harris more recently issued a regulation that allows her to unilaterally violate both the Fourth and First Amendments of some of her critics.

The nanny state is government with a big stick. The “stick” is the threat of penalties such as fines, imprisonment, or for activities subject to license, the loss of the license.

With government doing so much harm these days, it is becoming clearer that nanny statists such as Kamala Harris are actually the biggest threat to the civil liberties of the greatest number of people of all races, creeds and conscience.

The nanny state uses the threat of penalties -- or force -- to coerce behavior. Prospective fines discourage the sale of oversized sodas. Armed raids and jail time are now threats to discourage certain farming.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is keeping senators in Washington for a rare Saturday session—and risking a government shutdown—after he went to extraordinary lengths to block Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) from forcing a vote to block President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty.

What happened on Friday night is a series of procedural tactics that Cruz and Lee engaged in with Reid. Cruz tried to force a constitutional point of order—which requires a 51-vote threshold—to challenge the constitutionality of Obama’s executive amnesty. Meanwhile, Lee was pushing an amendment to the cromnibus spending bill that just passed the House that would have blocked funding for Obama’s executive amnesty implementation.

Using parliamentary tricks, Reid blocked both Cruz’s and Lee’s measures, then sought unanimous consent to adjourn the Senate until Monday—at which time Senators would have been brought back in for passage for the cromnibus. But in consultation with Cruz, Lee objected to unanimous consent to adjourn the Senate until Monday unless Reid would allow a vote on the effort to block funding for Obama’s executive amnesty. Because Reid wouldn’t agree to allow the vote, he decided to keep Senators in Washington for the weekend.

Because Reid needs to, per Senate rules, fill the timeframe until senators can actually vote on cloture on the cromnibus bill—which they can first technically do at 1 AM early Sunday morning—Reid is now attempting to force through several controversial Obama nominees like NRA-opposed surgeon general nominee Vivek Murthy, Deputy Secretary of State nominee Tony Blinken, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director nominee Sarah Saldana.

The nominees—like Murthy—who have a hold placed on them still need to clear a 60-vote threshold to be confirmed, which means five Republicans would need to enable any nominee assuming all the Democrats vote for each one. So it doesn’t mean Reid will be able to succeed on them anyway.



12.13.2014 9:00 PM

The Official C2 Late Night Chill Thread

H/T Pi Guy
Ice cave, under a volcano in Kamchatka.



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